5 Ways To Keep Your Home Cool For Less


Las Vegas has one of the hottest summers in the country. When the summer kicks in, you need your cooling system to fan out the heat. But if you will use your AC all day, it might increase your electric bill. It is best to find efficient and inexpensive ways to conserve energy while relishing your cool comfortable home. How to do this? Check Out below.

Use Programmable Thermostat

Upgrade your thermostat to a programmable thermostat that works only when you are at home. This is one of the best ways to make sure you are not wasting electricity by having your cooling system on when nobody’s home. Program your thermostat so that it will automatically turn off when you go to work. By doing this, you will not worry about forgotten AC still functioning when no one is around.

Control Humidity

When you have the AC on, make sure that other appliances that are emitting too much heat is off or set to its minimum level. For instance, when you have your AC on, avoid using the oven, flat iron, washing machine or dryer. If your home is constantly being heated by these appliances, your AC will have a hard time cooling the air. If your AC works harder, it will use up more energy which means a higher electric bill for you.

Keep the Air Circulating

Try to open the door and the windows first for few minutes before turning the AC on. Then turn on the fan. I know this sounds counter intuitive, but this helps in circulating the air inside the room and makes the fresh air from outside try to cool the house just a little. Even away from the heart of Sin City, luxury homes are still prone to the hot desert heat. After say five minutes, close all the windows and doors but keep the fan on. When the room is not that hot, it will be easier for the AC to cool it without using a lot of energy.

Check the Insulation

Heat-proofing the house is the best way to make sure that no heat can enter the house and no cool air escapes the house. Proper insulation makes it easier for your AC to reach the right temperature faster. Make sure that all holes are sealed. Use light curtains that can block off the heat during summer.

Make Sure Your AC and Fan Are Working Well

Clean your AC and fan so that it will be easier for it to work without using a lot of energy. Maintenance is important to your AC so that it can still work great even after fifteen years of using it. You can consult the manual how to do regular monthly maintenance. If you think you can’t do it yourself, ask a trusted technician to do it for you.