About Me

Hello! I am David Arthur Valdez, a real estate agent in the city of Las Vegas. Growing up, I have always been fascinated about selling and houses. I woke up one day and thought about becoming a realtor –to which I am today. I lived in Reno, Nevada, practiced my real estate career there for over twelve years. Recently, I have decided to move to the Strip to expand my knowledge and put my expertise in the Vegas real estate market.  

I enjoy my job as a realtor yet there are also things outside of my career that I am very passionate about. Some of these things include exploring new foods and doing outdoor activities like camping, hiking and fishing. I also love to chat about topics related to entertainment and of course, converse about a topic I know by heart -real estate! 

This website is where you’ll know all about David Arthur Valdez and his interests. I talk about food, outdoor adventures (and misadventures), all things entertaining and professional tips and insightful pieces of advice about the real estate and the real estate market.   

If you wish to reach me for my expertise, leave me a message. I am more than happy to help.