Real Estate Marketing Tactics

It takes a lot of persistence, professionalism and excellent service for a realtor to get new listings and to sell the property he is hired to sell. A successful realtor is someone who would devote his time and effort equally to all the property he is handling, whether it involves a $300,000 home or a multi-million dollar property.

Client satisfaction is on top of every realtor’s priority. It is the foundation of a lasting relationship and it can either make or break an agent’s career in the industry. To achieve excellent rating from your client and to stay ahead of the game, use the following marketing tactics:

  • Always have an image that will represent the property on your listings. Be it a photograph or a sketch, it is a good practice to always carry it with you. You will never know when a good client will show up. Always bring a brochure that shows the property in more details. Arming yourself with a graphic image of the property is a good way not to let golden opportunities miss.
  • Create a website. Only a few agents have their own webpage. Join them, and see the difference. People who need your service can find you easily. It might give you ample listings which can translate to more transactions and financial rewards. It’s also an opportunity for you to share your story with people so they can see what matters to you and how you can be an asset to them.
  • Invest in professional photography of the property. Quality photographs can draw in more interests, while poor photos can turn people away. Professional photos can also be posted on your personal website, your company website and your social media pages. It can also be used for other marketing platforms such as fliers, blogs, postcards, and editorials. If you can afford to hire a drone videographer to show to your clients the property, it is better. Images and videos taken by drones are the latest trends when it comes to marketing a property.
  • Make use of technology to edge your competitor. Aside from creating a website, you can still send emails to your prospective clients. Link your website address to your social media page. Post pictures and videos of the properties that you are selling in your own social media account, then ask your friends and family members if you can share your post to their own social media pages. The internet is the most powerful marketing tool today. Make use of its full potential.

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